Storage in Bendigo & Furniture Removalists

Storage is a critical element of the work we do as removalists. Cleave Removals can boast to having the best Storage/Removal Facility in Regional Victoria, and can accommodate your needs whether you require short term or long term storage, no consignment is too big or too small. We are able to meet any situation that may arise and result in a delay in home or office relocation.

Our premises have over 1000 square metre of storage space. Brand new offices have been built and the building boasts security monitoring in all areas as well as having pest control done on a regular basis.

There are many advantages of storing your goods with Cleave Removals rather than at a Self Storage Facility. For a minimal fee our staff can stack your goods away professionally to ensure no damage is done to your furniture, wrapping all items in store pads supplied by Cleave Removals. The staff will also do an Inventory List and Sticker to guarantee that what comes in goes back out in the same condition.

Couches should never be kept in stacks as anything stacked on top of them will cause pressure marks which are very hard to get out.  Cleave Removals have special couch racks especially to store your couches.

At a Self Storage Facility you hire a shed and pay for the entire space whether you use it or not. At Cleave Removals Storage Facility you only pay for the space your furniture takes up.

You can choose to have Cleave Removals transport your goods for you or opt to bring your goods into storage yourself.

You are welcome to contact our office on (03) 5448 5060 to make arrangements to come and view the storage facilities for yourself; We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.