Bendigo Storage

June 10, 2010

Whether utilising our local removalists service or not, give us a call at Cleave Removals and ask us about our great rates on storage Bendigo. Is your home, cupboards, spare room, business or garage cluttered with furniture, filing cabinets, clothing, books and more? Short or long term storage can get these items out from under your feet. Short term storage is ideal for those who have to move to a smaller location or if two homes are merging and you have doubled up on furniture or kitchen items. Keep these items in our short or long term Bendigo storage while you decide what you want to do with it all.

Short term storage Bendigo
Long term storage Bendigo

No need to wrap you soft furnishings, mattresses – it’s all part of our Bendigo storage services at Cleave Removals, all of these items are wrapped to protect them from mildew, pests and mould. Phone us about your storage needs.